Past Keynote Speakers

Sheri Dodd

Vice President & General Manager, Medtronic

Gerald R. Mattys

Chief Executive Officer, Tactile Medical

Sameer Kumar

CEO, HabitAware

Sumant Ramachandra

President, Pharmaceuticals and Chief Science & Technology Officer at Baxter

David Knapp

VP of Corporate Research, Boston Scientific

Past Featured Speakers

David Dykeman

Shareholder and Patent Attorney, Greenberg Traurig

Bill Betten

President, Betten Systems Solutions LLC

Mark Wehde

Section Head of Technology Development, Mayo Clinic

John Russell

President & CEO, Cardiva Medical

Deepak Sharma

Lead R&D Engineer, FlexDex Surgical

Juli Denny

VP of Sales and Marketing, R&Q

Julie Maes

Territory Operations Director, Minneapolis|St. Paul, R&Q

Ibim Tariah

Vice President of EU MDR and IVDR Consulting Services, R&Q

Stephen Baird

Trademark Attorney and Shareholder, Greenberg Traurig LLP

Michael Brady

Director of Microbiology Services, Toxikon

Maria Bennett

President & CEO, SPR Therapeutics

Blake Bevill

Program Division Director, Division 2, Office of Medical Device and Radiological Health Operations

Justin Ballotta

Chief Operating Officer, Cardiva Medical

Roger Owens

Chief Commercial Officer, Cardiva Medical

Joshua Silvestri

Investigator/Medical Device Specialist, OMDRHO, Division 2 Central

Meredith M. Andress

Investigator/Recall Coordinator, Office of Medical Devices and Radiological Health Operations II & III, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Lonny Stormo

Co-Founder & CEO, Pops! Diabetes Care

Eve Poeschl

Director of Solutions Design, MentorMate

Marcella Ducca

Co-Chair of the Atlanta Products Liability Litigation Group, Greenberg Traurig

Kenneth Karanja

Technology Licensing Officer, University of Minnesota

Jamie Ackley

Chief IP Counsel, Cantel Medical Corp

Javier de Ana, Ph.D.

Director of Program Management & Site Operations, Ximedica

David Hawks

Business Development Strategist & Technology and Life science Executive

Martin Nappi

Vice President of Business Development, Medical Industry, Green Hills Software

Melissa Michurski

Director of Compliance Branch for Office of Medical Devices and Radiological Health Operations (OMDRHO), Division 2

Kevin Bourque

VP of R&D, Abbott

Janis Skujins

Mechanical Engineering Manager, Ximedica