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  • Day 1

    June 6, 2022

  • Day 2

    June 7, 2022

  • 3D printing pioneer Michael McAlpine will present his team's strategy for three-dimensionally integrating diverse classes of functional materials using a custom-built 3D printer to fully create fully 3D printed device components built around active electronics. As a proof of concept, they have 3D printed quantum dot-based light-emitting diodes (QD-LEDs), polymer-based photodiodes on curvilinear surfaces, and hybrid devices over large scales with high yield. According to McAlpine's team, these results represent a critical step toward the 3D printing of high-performance, active electronic materials and devices.

  • In our keynote interview, Tom Polen, CEO of BD, will discuss three forces reinventing healthcare – new solutions for chronic disease, smart connected care and new care settings.

    Topics we’re sure to discuss include:

    - How BD managed the unprecedented demands for its products during COVID-19?
    - What future does BD see for its growing diagnostics business?
    - Why spinning off its diabetes business was important?
    - Where BD sees the biggest opportunities moving forward?

  • Kevin Lobo will record an interview for the new StrykerTalks Podcast, the newest member of DeviceTalks’ network of medtech industry podcast series.

    Topics to be discussed include:

    - How Stryker is building an orthopaedics powerhouse through R&D and acquisition?
    - Where will Vocera and other technologies fit into the company’s product line?
    - What lessons can we learn from the integration of acquisitions like Wright Medical?

  • Medtech innovators from the University of Minnesota and its Visible Heart Lab will demonstrate how advances in mixed reality are providing cardio device creators a better understanding of how their devices interact with the heart. Mixed reality technologies are also boosting education and training in the space.