The Science of Skin: Designing Wearable Medical Devices

Tuesday, June 5; 12 PM – 1 PM
Speakers: Elad Ferber, CTO & Founder, Spry Health
Paul Rothweiler, Prototyping & Materials Coordinator, University of Minnesota
Del Lawson, Commercialization Leader, 3M

Skin is unlike any other substrate. It sweats, grows hair, secretes oil, harbors bacteria, constantly sheds old cells, regenerates new ones and changes with health, environment and age – characteristics that are far from universal.

Understanding these unique skin factors and the design challenges they present prior to delving into a stick-to-skin device project will help steer the product development process down a clearer path. Experts at 3M will lead a session dedicated to the considerations designers and developers of wearable medical devices must consider when building wearable medical devices.